General Music

musicAt Benson and Franzen, we enjoy exploring music  from all over the world in multiple ways. We  explore concepts from note recognition to time  signatures, African drumming to reggae, and  everything in between. We have been so excited  to use Quaver's Marvelous World of Music to  supplement our music learning and create an    exciting interactive experience for our  students. 
Some of the more exciting opportunities for students at Benson include are informance opportunities for kindergarten and 1st grade, and a Winter Musical for 2nd grade. While at Franzen, some opportunities are to learn the basics of the recorder during 4th and 5th grade, informance opportunities in 3rd and 4th grade, and a 5th grade Spring musical.

4th and 5th Grade students also have the option to join chorus. Chorus meets 1 day a week after school and teaches students how to read basic chorus music and social skills. Students in the chorus have the opportunity to perform in a winter concert, spring concert, community caroling, and other performance opportunities that vary from year to year.

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Franzen Specials Curriculum Night 2019-2020

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Benson Specials Curriculum Night 2019-2020