Ms. Pavlik


Hello!  My name is Miss Courtney Pavlik.  I am extremely excited to be teaching third grade this year.  This is my second year teaching third grade at Elmer H. Franzen Intermediate School.  I have been teaching in Itasca District 10 since 2020.  I completed my bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Illinois State University.  Outside of school, I enjoy walking my dog, reading new books, practicing peaceful yoga and listening to funny podcasts.  It is my professional goal to provide a learning environment that is welcoming and challenging for every student, while providing a safe space to learn personally and grow academically together as a class.  I appreciate your feedback regarding the needs of the students throughout the school year!  Please contact me with questions, concerns or comments regarding the needs of the students.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (630) 773 – 0100  Extn: 4004